Portal2 Download

Portal 2 Download

Portal 2 Download for PC and MAC

Portal 2 download on PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and Mac the further development of the award-winning combination of innovative gameplay, storyand music, with which the first portal game of cult status has achieved and earned more than 70 industry awards presented.


The Portal 2 single player includes new dynamic characters, a variety of all-new puzzle elementsand a much larger arsenal of devious test chambers. The players will penetrate into previously unexplored areas of the aperture science labs and also again meet on GLaDOS, the sometimes combustible computer companion, which has already brought them through the first game.

portal 2 download

The two player mode includes a separate campaign with stand-alone story, own test chambers and two new players. In this new modethe player must make everything believed to know about portals, in question. The success they must act not only cooperative but also cooperative think.
portal 2 download for mac

Features of Portal 2  Download:

  • Extensive single player game with nextgen gameplay and engrossing story.
  • Complete co-op multiplayer game for 2 players with a stand-alone story, owncharacters and their own gameplay.
  • Advanced use of physics allows completely new challenges and creates a much richer,but not yet heavier game.
  • Original music.
  • Huge sequel to the 2007 worldwide awarded by over 30 publications as game of the year.








Please make sure you have at least 7GB  free Hard disk space to download the file.
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