Risen 3 Titan Lords Download

Risen 3  Titan Lords Download

risen 3 tital lords download

Risen 3 Titan Lords – gain back your salvation

Risen 3 is the new great role-playing game of the Gothic creator of Piranha Bytes. Explore the world of the gods abandoned full of enemies and hazards. Robbed of your soul, you need powerful allies to pass against the rampaging Titan. Choose one of three legendary guilds. Choose your path wisely, because your actions have consequences!

A classic role-playing game with much freedom

Risen 3: Titan Lords was created for players who are looking for a classic gaming experience. No one takes you by the hand: friends remains the free choice to go your own way and to make your own decisions. Explore Taranis and fulfill the quests on your way. Missions can be solved in different ways and different from. You can play parts of the game in any order and shape your character according to your ideas.

risen 3 download free

Discover the various quests and characters on your journey through the world of risen: medieval cities of wet cold mines to the supernatural shadow world, there is much to discover. Explore the world in your way – even swimming or climbing.

Magic is back
The Crystal magic returns and gives you new and dazzling possibilities for the fight. The handling of elements such as Flash, fire and ice allows you to your enemies without destroying weapons. You can insert but also peaceful your magical skills, E.g. in the exploration of the world – the choice is yours.

risen 3 download

Advanced battle
The improved combat system is supported by new detail improved animations.

Features of Risen 3 Titan Lords download:

Risen 3 – the new RPG part of the bestselling series of GOTHIC developer Piranha Bytes.
In the third part of the saga of the risen, the magic returns in the game.
Explore the living world and fulfill quests in your own way. Shape your character according to your ideas and act as you please.
Join guilds with their unique skills, armor, and quests. Use Crystal magic, blade or grips: Only you choose the way!
Edgy, warm and with the typical charm of the Piranha
Revised combat system with magic, sword and armor
Integrated package of DLC and DRM-free

Instructions for downloading Risen 3 : Titan Lords


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