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Middle Earth : Shadow Of Mordor  Download




 Shadow of Mordor download  offers a dynamic environment of the game, where the player put his personal revenge plan and impose his will on Mordor. The game starts at night, where Sauron returned to Mordor, and his black army master brutally execute the Ranger of the black of gate. The player takes on the role of lex talionis, a ranger who lost his family and everything that was dear to him, only to by a mysterious spirit of revenge again in life to be brought back. While Valley information revenge takes shape, the player reveals the secret of the spirit of that drives him, discovered the origin of the rings of power, and confronts the largest of all the enemies.


As a new story, set between the Hobbit and the Lord of the rings, Middle earth offers: Mordor shadow a dynamic Next-Gen game world thanks to the nemesis system. Any enemy which the Player encounters is an individual with their own personality, strengths and weaknesses. The opponents are characterized by their encounters with the players, and personal enmities arise depending on the gameplay. The player is faced with the task to be mentally superior to each of the very different opponents to infiltrate their ranks and in the dynamic game world, which changed by his actions and decisions, to gain the upper hand.

Unleash the power of the spirits – the player has ghosts powers, to get his revenge in brutal melee combat, the sneaking and the intuitive ranged to give forms.

Defeat your enemy – view the world with the power of the spirits and find unique details about every opponent to advance Valley information revenge. Each enemy has its own personality, a memory, and traits, which the player can study and manipulate.

New history of Middle-Earth – between the Hobbit-and the Lord of the rings Trilogies discover the origin of the rings of power players and become the most feared Warriors of  Mordor.

Develop your skills with each stroke – develop your skills, improve weapons and become a legend – by a runes reward system based on your strategies and individual opponents.

 How to download Shadow of Mordor?


1. Download the installer from the link below.



2. Double lick ShadowofMordorInstaller.exe

3. Select your language and click next.

4. Select where you want to install the game and click next

5. The Game will start to install. Make sure you are connected to the internet all the time, since the installer will download all the necessary files to complete the installation.

6. After successful installation, you will be prompted with a message indicating that the game has installed.

7. Enjoy playing Shadow of  Mordor!


For detailed instructions , watch our video on installing Shadow of Mordor in your PC.




Please make sure you have at least 8GB  free Hard disk space to download the file.

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