The Sims 4 Download

The Sims 4 Download for PC and MAC

the sims 4 download What is Sims 4 ? The Sims  4 is the latest version of the life simulation game series from EA Games. You can create fantastic stories with this new sims game which will blow up your mind.This version of sims make it possible for the playes to share theire creations with other players easily from the gallery.The new gallery, the tools are very powerful and very easy to use. The game comes with very unique features and will be loved by the Sims fans! What is new in Sims 4?

  • Smarter Sims –  Create Sims with unique personalities, new feelings and individual styles!
  • Unusual stories -The smarter Sims with rand new emotions plus unique personalities , you get more chances to tell profound, entertaining and unusual stories.
  • Powerful creation tools – The brand new tool set is now more powerful, more intuitive and fun than ever before!
  • Vibrant neighborhoods – Check out lively, vibrant and comprehensive communities with smarter Sims.
  • Share your creations – Create, share and download easily new Sims and houses directly from the gallery of The Sims 4!

When is the official release date for Sims 4 ? The official release dates are set to September 2 in USA and September 7 in Europe and all other countries. How to download Sims 4 for PC and MAC? You can download the game by clicking the download button below.  Both PC and MAC installation files are included in the Zip file. For more information about how to install the game, please refer to the instructions.

Instructions for downloading The Sims 4

  1. Download the  installation files from here.

download-button-gif-azul-reflexo2. Extract the files in your PC.   3. Double click the TheSims4.exe file The sims 4 download 14. Select where you want to install the game in your Computer Sims 4 install 25. Click next . The Game will start installing. Sims 4 download 26. You will get a message saying that the game has been installed. sims 4 downloads 3   7. You are done!  Now you can start playing “The Sims 4” !

Download for Windows PC


Download for MAC


  Please make sure you have at least 8GB  free Hard disk space to download the file.



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